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Children Can Still Participate in Music Online: Tips for Music Education With Remote Schooling

Music class is something students of all ages look forward to, and with school being temporarily out of session, it’s important they still have opportunities to make music and exercise their creativity. The good news is kids who love music and miss their music classes can still get engaged with high-quality music courses and instruction through Flex Academies ONE. We have some fantastic music options for providers!

Here are just a few ways music with ONE can still be productive.

  • Online lessons and rehearsals: Online lessons in small groups or one-on-one can still work. All you need is a computer or other device with video and sound capability, and students are still able to get instruction for voice or instrument lessons. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts are being widely used by music teachers for this purpose. There are also tools like GarageBand or Audacity that allow singers to record their parts so they can be layered on top of each other.

  • Practice plans: Even if it’s not possible for music teachers to have their entire ensembles together in one room, they can still set up practice plans for individual students. This is especially important for younger students who are in earlier stages of their music education—they need to learn how to practice individually just as much as they need to get ensemble experience. Music teachers can still give students assignments that include specific days and times at which they practice, specific goals or milestones they should hit (playing certain tough passages correctly a certain number of times, for example), and creating segments of practice that include warm up, technique and performance.

  • New lessons: Some music teachers may find it easier to teach lessons about music rather than trying to maintain entire ensemble practices. Now is a great time for students to learn about music theory, for example—even younger students can learn the basics of notes, scales and chords. Students can also learn some music history, including important composers and musical styles and the influences that led to popular music today.

  • Listening assignments: While students should still be encouraged to play music and practice their instruments or singing, now is also a great time to develop listening assignments to expose students to a wider variety of music. Some teachers have developed lessons in which they provide students with a list of songs, artists and genres, and have them compare them to other types of music and see if they can find musical influences or examples of specific musical techniques used.

It is important that students with an interest in music are still able to get a musical outlet while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flex Academies ONE has online enrichment activities in a wide variety of categories, including music. For more information about our selection of activities, contact us today.

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