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A Look at the Value of Online Learning

Online courses and educational offerings have been growing in popularity over the last several years as videoconferencing technology has become more reliable and specific software platforms for online learning have emerged and developed. Now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts are suddenly having to shift to online learning for most of (or the rest of) the spring semester.

There are plenty of benefits to online learning and that this medium can still be just as effective as traditional classroom learning. And for enrichment, there are still plenty of opportunities to socialize for your children even despite the lack of in-person interaction.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the biggest benefits of online learning.

  • Flexible location: Online learning allows you to learn from wherever you’re comfortable. With most of us staying home for the time being, Flex Academies ONE has been set up in such a way that activities that can be easily enjoyed from home. Just find the space and the supplies you need (most of the supplies for our courses can be found at your home). You can then completely customize your learning environment to set yourself up for success, something students can’t do in classroom settings.

  • Structured scheduling: Flex Academies ONE maintains structured activity time that can help add some order back into children’s days, something that is especially helpful for parents who are home with their children during the pandemic and are looking for ways to add that structure back into their children’s educational lives. It is time parents can count on for their children to be engaged in learning.

  • Review opportunities: Because the materials can be recorded by you online (check with your Zoom account), it’s easy to go back and review whenever you’re in need of a refresher on certain subjects. When teachers give video lessons, students also have the ability to record those lessons so they can go back and listen to the teacher’s actual instruction again if they have any questions or need reminders about particular issues. Parents can watch recordings with their children and go back and perform the activities again alongside them, if they so choose.

  • Self-discipline: Some people have a harder time adjusting to online learning than others. For children, online learning allows them to develop self-discipline early on in their lives, because it encourages them to focus on their own and complete the tasks they’ve been assigned.

  • Socialization: The Flex Academies ONE program is designed to be a social experience even while children are isolated from their friends. They’re able to see their friends on video, and participate in group activities and discussions together. During this time, children will crave social interaction, and this program gives kids a chance to see their friends in a structured, educational environment.

  • Safe communication: Flex Academies has implemented safety features in communication so that all discussions with instructors occur safely. Unlike other types of software that allow numerous forms of communication, Flex Academies ONE keeps communication streamlined, both for ease and for the child’s safety.

There are always going to be certain elements of classroom education that cannot be replicated online, but the technology has come far enough in the last five years or so that online learning can still be highly effective and beneficial to a wide variety of students for an abundance of course offerings and activities.

For more information about how your children can benefit from online learning, contact us at Flex Academies and we will be pleased to give you more information about the new Flex Academies ONE.

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